Do birds fly just for fun sometimes?

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johntimber создал тему: Do birds fly just for fun sometimes?

I was walking on the south Devon coast path yesterday, and noticed about a quarter of a mile offshore, a few gulls circling in a small sea thermal. A large buzzard launched from the top of a tall pine tree near the shoreline, flew out to join the gulls (who for some reason chose not to mob him) and enjoyed the thermal for a few minutes with them. When the thermal died, he flew back to his perch in the tree. The question is, why? I doubt he was looking for potential prey, or carrion. I haven't ever seen a buzzard over the sea before. Was is curiosity, or just for fun? When buzzards fly over the small fishing town I live in they are normally buzzed by the gulls. Why weren't they bothered this time? I thought it was interesting anyway. I've lived not far from the sea for over 25 years and never observed this before? I've seen plenty of gulls soaring on the coast at times, who also don't appear to be doing anything except enjoying the flying? (Possibly with one eye still open for a free meal though?)

Please help.

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